Saturday, March 13, 2010


Water the Essence of Life

How much water do you drink daily? Are you drinking tea and coffee more than water? Bad news, you will suffer dehydration, as the beverages will make you thirsty and urinate more frequently. Dehydration causes 42 illnesses which may not show until your body tolerance level diminishes. There are many types of water. You may drink filtered and boiled water, reverse osmosis, distilled and alkaline water too. A combination of the different types of water will surely help hydrate your cells. Water is the essence of life, without it we may live only a short period of time. Water is critical in removing toxins from our cells, to transport nutrients to our cells and as a river of minerals to ensure proper function of our body. Almost all biochemical processes in the body requires water, our brain also contains mostly fluids. We must always make sure our body is hydrated properly by drinking 8 to 12 glasses ( about 2 liters) of water daily. This will ensure all detoxification, rebuilding and rejuvenation of cells happens daily. Cheers! to a drink of water.

Bad Air Pollution!

No improvements in the air pollution . Almost every year we get the haze from our neighboring country as well as local burning of trash. It's shocking no preventive planning and action to improve our air quality by the Government and individuals. We are damaging our can see many coughing individuals reacting to the air pollution. What can we do?There are device, which creates negative ions similar to standing beside a waterfall. The cool, clear and clean air is so wonderful and important to safeguard our lungs.The device clears smoke, dust and horrible smells from toilets and prevent lung damage.Why not see a air pollution specialist in your area for more information's.I find that people tend to tolerate their health problems right up to the last minute, if the body is not strong and healthy anymore, your tolerance level to infections and chronic illness will be very low.In addition, drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses(2litres) of water is minimal for our body to function optimally and get rid of any toxic pollutants which may damage our respiratory system.

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